Ludivina Esparza

Dr. Verma and patient Ludivina Esparza after post full thickness rotator cuff repair. In the video, Ludivina discusses her experience. Click here to watch full video

Rohan Patient Testimonial

"This was second right knee experience with Dr Verma – a torn ACL 2 years ago & now a torn meniscus from playing sport. Both experiences have been exemplary on all counts. Dr. Verma listens well, he is rigorous in his assessments, clear in his diagnosis, flawless surgically and lays out clear recovery plan – there is a sharpness in the articulation and a confidence that he commands. Most critically, in both cases my recovery has been comfortable & faster than expected. To complement his clear technical prowess, his team (Brendan, Katie) are exceptional – kind, service oriented and clearly technically strong. I truly I hope I never see Dr. Verma again professionally (!) but for those that have the misfortune of needing support, I cannot speak more highly of him & his team – I recommend them unconditionally!" - Rohan Sajdeh

John Nile Wendorf

In July, 2017, I was on the loosing end of a battle for “King of the Mountain.”  It was me versus four grandkids.  The result was multiple tears to the left rotator cuff as well as some other shoulder damage. Dr. Verma operated in early December 2017.  The outpatient procedure went off without a hitch and I was home that evening to start my recovery and rehab. Dr Verma and his team of Physician’s Assistants (Katie Gross and Brendan Sweeney) just inspire a calm confidence.  They always had the time to answer every question and clearly laid out the journey I was on towards a full recovery.  I got hooked up with one of their Physical Therapists (Irish Thompson) at their Oak Park Office.  You could tell they were working as a team, emailing back and forth as needed, to insure my physical therapy had the desired outcome of full motion, pain elimination with building strength back into my shoulder. They gave me practical advice to manage the pain that is always part of these types of procedures.  I followed their instructions and I was pretty much off the pain medicine by the end of February.  The pain I did experience never significantly disrupted my active lifestyle after the first couple of weeks. I made it a priority to keep my physical therapy appointments with Irish on a two to three times a week schedule.  In between those appointments, I went to the health club another one or two times a week and repeated the exercises on my own.  Irish would always print out the worksheets for me to take home and walk me through the instructions, so I had the confidence to know how far to push myself without risk of reinjury.  The amount of caring and follow through was extraordinary on his part as well as the PA’s. By April 2018, I had full motion back in my shoulder, shoulder pain was something in the past, and my strength was probably about half of where it was before the injury. I know the exercises that I must do to continue building my shoulder strength.  I will keep working at it until I get there. To put my experience with Dr. Verma and his team into a perspective, I had two other acquaintances that also had rotator cuff surgery that same week as me with different doctors and hospitals.   My outcome was dramatically better than either of them.  There can obviously be lots of explanations for different outcomes.  I’m just so glad that my surgery went as well as it did under Dr. Verma.

Mark Obrycki

After 3 years of keeping my shoulder stabilized in the gym, an acute event occurred and I had a complete tear in my supraspinatus, a partial tear in my infraspinatus a SLAP tear and problems with my AC joint.  I searched out the best rated orthopedic surgeons and found Dr. Verma and his team.  What a blessing that was!  At 54 years old and an active water skier, I thought those days were over.  Dr. Verma and his team repaired my entire shoulder and bicept with the best compassion and professionalism I have ever received from a medical team.  At only three months post-surgery, my physical therapist said he would never have guessed that I was post-op!  It has only been nine months since my surgery and I am back to hitting the slalom course!  I highly recommend Dr. Verma and his entire staff, and already have done so to several co-workers.  I cannot be happier with my outcome!  THANK YOU DR. VERMA!

Jayne van den Brink

I had both of my shoulders replaced in 2017 by Dr. Verma--one in June and one in November.  I could not be happier with this excellent surgeon.  Prior to surgery he explained everything and took the time to listen and answer any questions I had.  Both surgeries were completed without any complications.  The pain was completely managed and I was never uncomfortable.  My recovery was quick and easy.  I have no pain anymore and I have complete mobility now.  I would highly recommend Dr. Verma to anyone thinking about having shoulder replacement surgery.

Christina Klinepeter

Multi-National Champion and USA Karate Team Athlete"Dr. Verma and his team are world class. I was so disappointed when I found out that my ACL was completely torn and would require surgery. This was my first serious injury in over twenty years of competing in karate. Dr. Verma helped me know my options and offered the latest treatments. I knew I could trust his and his team's expertise as I pursue my Olympic dreams. I was scared of surgery, but Dr. Verma and his team were reassuring and gentle; they treated me with care. Surgery went smoothly, and they helped me find a great physical therapist to aid in recovery. I'm excited to be walking again and can't wait to get back to competing in karate."