Mark Obrycki

After 3 years of keeping my shoulder stabilized in the gym, an acute event occurred and I had a complete tear in my supraspinatus, a partial tear in my infraspinatus a SLAP tear and problems with my AC joint.  I searched out the best rated orthopedic surgeons and found Dr. Verma and his team.  What a blessing that was!  At 54 years old and an active water skier, I thought those days were over.  Dr. Verma and his team repaired my entire shoulder and bicept with the best compassion and professionalism I have ever received from a medical team.  At only three months post-surgery, my physical therapist said he would never have guessed that I was post-op!  It has only been nine months since my surgery and I am back to hitting the slalom course!  I highly recommend Dr. Verma and his entire staff, and already have done so to several co-workers.  I cannot be happier with my outcome!  THANK YOU DR. VERMA!

Jayne van den Brink

I had both of my shoulders replaced in 2017 by Dr. Verma--one in June and one in November.  I could not be happier with this excellent surgeon.  Prior to surgery he explained everything and took the time to listen and answer any questions I had.  Both surgeries were completed without any complications.  The pain was completely managed and I was never uncomfortable.  My recovery was quick and easy.  I have no pain anymore and I have complete mobility now.  I would highly recommend Dr. Verma to anyone thinking about having shoulder replacement surgery.

Christina Klinepeter

Multi-National Champion and USA Karate Team Athlete"Dr. Verma and his team are world class. I was so disappointed when I found out that my ACL was completely torn and would require surgery. This was my first serious injury in over twenty years of competing in karate. Dr. Verma helped me know my options and offered the latest treatments. I knew I could trust his and his team's expertise as I pursue my Olympic dreams. I was scared of surgery, but Dr. Verma and his team were reassuring and gentle; they treated me with care. Surgery went smoothly, and they helped me find a great physical therapist to aid in recovery. I'm excited to be walking again and can't wait to get back to competing in karate."

Jim Sankovich

"I had Pec Major reconstructive surgery done in May of 2013 by Dr. Verma. The knowledge, expertise, professionalism, and outstanding service by Dr. Verma, Jamie, and his entire staff was amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Verma and Midwest Orthopedics. 9 months Post Op and I feel better than ever. Thank You Dr. Verma, Jamie, and your entire staff that assisted in my procedure."

Libby Bankott

"Dear Dr. Verma, Today, for the first time in over six months I on a tennis court - hitting balls! Of course it was only a 30 minute light hit, but it was wonderful, absolutely wonderful! And so, I write you to thank you for making today positive for me. When I came to see you (as a 64 year old female with a ruptured ACL), I cam fully prepared to plead my case for replacement surgery - regardless of my age. A previous orthopedic surgeon had advised I not have the surgery, since my age. Thank you for the fact that I didn't even have to plead my case. You took me on - no problem. And of course, thank you for an outstanding surgery. Warmly, Libby"


"My son Bryan underwent knee surgery in Nov 2011 to "move a ligament and tighten the knee cap." Last week (Aug 22,2012) he played his first football game. He had 19 tackles and the game winning interception ! Dr. Verma and staff, THANK YOU. We had visited other Doctors before deciding on Rush and Dr. Verma. They told us he would always have to wear a brace, and might not play again. Dr. Verma not only fixed the knee but my son doesn't have to wear a brace. Thank you for excellent pre, surgery and post care." - Keith (Father)