Latissimus dorsi avulsion injuries are rarely re ported in the literature and are managed with a variety of strategies. Primary anatomical repair of tendon to bone may offer athletes the best chance for successful return to sports. In this article, we describe a surgical technique for safely repairing an acute or chronic retracted, avulsed latissimus tendon back to its insertion on the medial aspect of the bicipital groove of the proximal humerus. Using 1 low anterior axillary incision and 1 posterior axillary incision for tendon retrieval when retraction is more than 5 cm, this technique allows for direct anatomical repair of a retracted tendon to bone using 3 points of bony fixation supplemented by soft-tissue repair. The technique also minimizes the risks for neurovascualr compromise and cosmetic deformity while decreasing the risk for post-injury strength deficits.

Full Article: Open Repair of Retracted Latissimus Dorsi Tendon Avulsion