Traumatic anterior glenohumeral instability is common, with an estimated incidence of 11.2 cases per 100,000 persons per year. Bankart was the first author to recognize the pathognomonic lesion of anterior-inferior capsulolabral disruption associated with anterior shoulder dislocations. Controversy exists with regard to treatment of patients with an initial dislocation, but it is generally accepted that patients with recurrent instability warrant consideration for surgical stabilization. Repair of this capsulolabral disruption has become the standard treatment for this pathology. Initially, surgical treatment was performed with open procedures to repair the lesion with or without a capsular shift. More recently, however, arthroscopic techniques for repair of the Bankart lesion have predominated.

The purposes of this study were (1) to analyze long-term outcomes in patients who have undergone open or arthroscopic Bankart repair and (2) to evaluate study methodologic quality through validated tools.

Full Article: Long-Term Outcomes After Bankart Shoulder Stabilization